Jeremy Clarkson - Collection

A five part, full length Jeremy Clarkson's video collection.


Clarkson: The Good, the Bad, the Ugly
He takes the cream of Europes super-cars to the USA to pit them against America's finest, with highlights including a race up a mountain between a Cadillac Escalade, a Hummer H2 and a Range Rover, and a straight head-to-head race between a BMW Z4M and a Dodge Viper SRT 10. Along the way he also fills an old Jag and an old Buick with water, blows up a Harley-Davidson, has a Toyota Prius shot to pieces and outruns John Q. Law in an Ariel Atom.

Clarkson - Heaven and Hell
He trawls the whole of cardom to bring you seven great cars and truffle the undergrowth looking for seven automotive disasters. The good ones - the Ferraris, the Porches and the Aston Martins are driven to within an inch of their lives on the track. Some are even handed over to the Stig who makes a guest appearance. The bad ones are killed. Sawn in half. Hung, drawn and quartered. They're hammered and blown to pieces with dynamite and their skeletons left in the open to rot. I even find time for a game of car jousting.

Clarkson - Thriller
Jeremy Clarkson swaps racing overalls for camouflage uniform to join the Marines at the controls of an all-terrain Viking before using its machine gun to shoot a Lexus…in the face. The 200 mph Porsche 911 turbo struts its stuff in its natural habitat – the autobahn. And I get a lungful of turbocharged fresh air from the 240 mph Pagani Zonda Roadster F. Then there’s the rocket science – Clarkson-style – as I fit a Porsche 944 with rocket launchers (they only look like drainpipes wrapped in silver foil). I also blast fireworks at a speed camera and have a bit of an accident with a double-decker bus. I drop a 7-tonne diesel engine on to a Highways Agency traffic-womble car – doing my bit to tidy the roads…while creating the world’s fastest diesel. Plus I’m joined by tame racing driver The Stig who gets a big surprise – as do you when you see what he likes to do with sheep. And everything else explodes.

Clarkson - Hot Metal
Everywhere you look, we’re slowing down. With concorde in a museum, air travel is slower. And even the fighter jets of today would be smashed by the interceptors from the sixties.
But what about cars? I decided to find out whether today’s cream can blast the monsters from the power crazed eighties. Are the new breed quicker in a straight line. Do they corner faster. Which are better looking and which can make the best noises.
That means the 200 mile per hour Jaguar XJ220 taking on a Pagani Zonda. It means pitting a Mclaren Mercedes SLR against a Porsche Carrerra GT – the first time ever these cares have been brought together. And it means lining up the new Fort GT with the car that spawned it – the old GT40. It means epic head to head drag races.
Naturally, the new Aston Martin DB9 is here too, taking on the old warhorses, the V8 Vantages. And the Evo 8? How much faster is it than the Evo 1. The answer might surprise you.
Oh and of course, I just had to riddle a Nissan with machine gun fire as I take up the new and dangerous sport of "Clay Car shooting".

Clarkson - Supercar Showdown

Apart from a couple of stupid stunts (which are actually quite funny) thankfully we are back in super car territory. We get treated to watching some of the world's fastest cars going sideways around a circuit somewhere in Spain. The list of cars is mouth-watering, from a Mercialago to an Ascari A10 via an, erm Rover 25!!
Clarkson's enthusiasm is as good as ever and the 75 minute running time just flies by.

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