The Laser Man – Documentary

The Laser Man. DocumentaryThis chilling documentary explores the Swedish killer that became known as “The Laser Man”.
An unknown serial killer, armed only with a laser weapon, shot eleven people in ten attacks in Stockholm between 1991 and 1992. The common MO with the victims was their dark skin and hair color.
The Laser Murders launchedthe countries second-largest police investigation ever, just behind the hunt in 1986 for Prime Minister Olof Palme´s assassin.

After ten months a foreign man called John Ausonius was arrested under dramatic circumstances fitting to a hollywood blockbuster. He was sentenced to life time in prison. After almost ten years silence in prison, John Ausonius suddenly admitted tonot only the laser attacks as well as to twenty bank robberies.
This great documentary explains his childhood through interviews with friends and teachers.
This case introduced a USA style “profiler” for the first evertime in Sweden – a new way of thinking that was met with grave mistrust with the population of Stockholm.
Please sit back, and enjoy this great documentary film.

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