I Am Fishead - Are Corporate Leaders Egotistical Psychopaths ?

Many of the current leaders of large corporations and governments, as well as military organizations are Ego driven psychopaths. They take out any high functioning, well balanced 'competition' in order to get to the top, using any means necessary. They destroy the competition using lies, deception, underhanded techniques, instead of just being the best at what they do. They pretend to be well balanced, but underneath they are like sharks or wolves, moving around and taking out targets of opportunity.

Millions of people are sociopaths, on the way to becoming psychopaths.. How does this happen?

Drugs are used to cover up natural emotions.. Depression, sadness, grief, fear, and other emotions that are other than normal happy feelings are covered up with medications.

Feelings are natural. They are part of the human experience. They are not supposed to be covered up, denied, suppressed or ignored. Psychologically, when a person starts on this path, the consequences can be psychologically damaging.
People demand drugs to make them feel good and to avoid suffering. This is a natural human tendency. What is unnatural, is to extend this tendency into all of life and business, no matter hwat is happening all around you.

Valium is a good anti anxiety drug, but it is highly addictive. The same goes for anti pain pills and many other kinds of drugs such as sleeping medication.

The side effects of drugs are often long and major. The odds of avoiding any negative side effects are remote when drugs are taken long term. The trade off that people make is that they are willing to sacrifice major organs, glands and body systems just for a short term, temporary gain, such as relieving anxiety.

Rather then dealing with the anxiety, or just allowing it to be, they take a pill.

Our society rewards people who 'feel good' and are positive all of the time. Thus the temptation to take a pill for anything other than that.

A relation is lost, so we take a pill, rather than feel sadness. A lover leaves, so we take a pill. A marriage breaks up, so we take a pill. A leader does something criminal in our party, church, corporation that normally would make us mad, but we take a pill instead. Rather then feeling anything, our world now consists of popping pills instead of feeling feelings and possibly taking actions as a result of that.
Taking anti depressents blunts the emotions. We can see or hear disturbing things, without responding appropriately. If millions of people will die as a result of my actions to make a short term profit, well, so what, I do not feel anything, so it must be OK.

We need to experience our emotions in order to respond to the world and other humans in a normal way. Falling in love is on one side of the emotional scale. Sadness, grief and fear as well as being angry are on the other side of the scale. Happiness is somewhere in between, within the normal range of emotions.

Psychopaths do not have empathy.. Medications and happy pills kill empathy, making relatively normal people first into sociopaths and then psychopaths. We are on the path to breeding millions of pschopaths, who care nothing about their neighbors, their community or their world, just by promoting drugs and pills for everything that ails humankind.

2/3 of all people will respond to leaders who order someone to punish someone else, to the death. They do not think about what they are doing. 60% will blindly obey. Almost all of the rest of the people will follow along, if they see these 60% just blindly obeying authority, leading to 99% of people going along with whatever a psychopath wants.

However, on the other hand, if the other 40% who will NOT blindly follow a psychopath see someone resisting a psychopath, they will also resist, resulting in 99% of that 40% resisting the impulse to blindly follow a psychopath. This is why the information flow and press must be controlled by a psychopathic leader in any organization. Freedom and democracy cannot be allowed when a psychopath is in charge, whether in a religion, military, government or corporation.

Most human beings have a gut feeling. Human beings can ignore their gut instinct and follow their friends, political party, religion, or a profit motivated corporation. It is easy to do. The human heart widens the circle of empathy and sharing of love and resources. No one makes it big by following the path of empathy. So this leads to systems being set up to lead people away from empathy, compassion and caring, towards profit and control as the only motive for actions. This is a very primitive state of maturity. It is like a small child who wants, wants and wants everything around them, and gets it all, from a parent that does not teach the child limits.

The problem is that the pursuit of happiness is not accomplished through the pursuit of things, power and destroying the world or communities. The more a psychopath gets, the more they want. There is never enough. There is always something lacking. To get the same high, the experience must always be extended and made bigger. Weapons must be developed to kill even more people. They must be made deadlier and effects must last longer, such as DU weapons which kill not only the target but also the whole community around that target for a million years through inhalation of DU dust.

Most people are passive by nature. They do not do anything because they are told to not get involved in other peoples business. We are told that we are all part of the 'problem' so there is nothing we can do. Many people believe that the problem is so big, there is nothing to do, so we might as well do what the psychopath is doing, and get a little pleasure out of it.

What if we are in it together and we either sink or swim together? What if we decided to take action and actually make a positive difference? How much influence can we have? It turns out that we can affect three degrees of separation in human social networks. We affect not only those around us, but those around them, and those around them.. three degrees of separation away from us. Like ripples in a pond, we have effects on people around us that we are not even aware of. We are also strongly affected by those around us, and are affected by actions taken by people we do not even consciously know about.

It is like a herd or swarm of birds. When some birds turn, the rest turn as well. The flock of birds flies together, and the herd of animals operates together. We are influenced by others, and we in turn influence others as well. We do have free will, but not absolute free will. We cannot kill everyone around us in the herd or the flock without consequences.

An organization can magnify whatever is going on inside of it. If one person starts taking drugs, and that becomes the social norm, then everyone will start taking drugs. We can change the norm, and create everyday heroes. Seek power for the average person and empower everyone. This can become the new social norm.
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