Pretty as a Picture: The Art of David Lynch clarke

Director Toby Keeler investigates all of David Lynch's artistic endeavors (which include photography, painting, music, and furniture building as well as filmmaking) in this fascinating documentary shot during the making of Lost Highway. Along with film clips and interviews with Lynch, composer Angelo Badalamenti, and producer Deepak Nayar are numerous behind-the-scenes glimpses at Lost Highway and Lynch at work in other media.
The highlight is the Eraserhead reunion, where Jack Nance, Catherine Coulson (the "Log Lady" from Twin Peaks and Nance's first wife), and Lynch visit the site where Lynch's first successful feature was shot in the mid-1970s over a two-year period. Maybe not as revealing as one could hope, but an always intriguing portrait of an uncompromising artist driven to create in a wide range of media. --Sean Axmaker.

From an early age, David Lynch was inspired by the arts and the warm inner glow that comes with the pursuit of creative expression. "Pretty as a Picture:The Art of David Lynch" examines how this modern day Renaissance man makes a motion picture, and examines, through his artistic explorations, the very nature of creativity.

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