Tori Nelson Sponsorship: Fighting For Her Future

This documentary follows Tori Nelson, a WBC World Middleweight boxing champion, who struggles with raising two teenage children on three minimum paying jobs while maintaining her boxing career.
With only her trainer, she has fought to become the #1 USA Middleweight title holder and WBC champion. She hopes to gain sponsorship with this video so she can continue her career, and help her children with a better life.

For Sponsorship Information, kindly contact Craig Fladager at 703-969-1812(US) or Diana Rodriguez at 845-797-3671(US).

This documentary was brought to you by Jeff Riegel. You can follow Jeff on Twitter. You can also keep up to date with Tori Nelson on her Facebook page.

Released 24 Dec, 2011. 41 min. Producer: Jeff Riegel. Indie documentary film.

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