Inside: Bullets over Boston - The Irish Mob

National Geographic - Inside: Bullets Over Boston The Irish Mob (2011)- In Boston, James Whitey Bulger fights his way to the top of the citys rackets in a barrage of bullets and blood. Whitey has friends in high places. His brother Billy runs the State Senate. The FBI recruits him as an informant. Trading on his connections, Whitey avoids indictment. But as the bodies pile up, Bulger draws the FBI, local officials and Bostons Irish community into a web of corruption, double cross and murder that rocks Boston to its core. Interviews include Bulgers enforcer Kevin Weeks; Bulger gangland rival Pat Nee; former Irish mob leader Howie Winter; former deputy chief of the FBI's Boston office Robert Fitzpatrick; and former Massachusetts State Police Officer Tom Foley.

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