Josef Fritzl - Story of a Monster

Josef Fritzl was a businessman, husband, father; a recognisable yet anonymous figure in the town of Amstetten, Austria, He holidayed with friends and lived what appeared to those around him as a normal everyday existence. That was until April 2008 when he was arrested and accused of sexually abusing his own daughter Elisabeth and keeping her imprisoned for over 24 years.

Repeatedly raped by her father Elisabeth bore seven children. Three of whom lived their whole lives incarcerated with her in the basement of the family home up to their release in April 2008. He has now been given a life sentence at a psychiatric hospital.

Josef Fritzl: Story of a Monster attempts to uncover what drove Fritzl to commit such terrible crimes and features exclusive interviews with family members, childhood friends and psychiatrist Dr Adelheid Kastner who interviewed Fritzl after his arrest as well as former colleagues of Fritzl and tenants of the Fritzl house. Tenants who lived their every day lives inches from where Elisabeth and her children were kept hostage

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