People burned alive - Spontaneous Combustion

What distinguishes a body subject to spontaneous combustion of one burned in the fire of life? One of the investigators Larry Arnold, describes the phenomenon as "the process by which a person comes on suddenly without coming into contact with an external heat source and then can be turned into ashes, when flammable materials nearby, paradoxically barely escapes unburned. " When explaining this phenomenon is simple underlying causes of continuing to leave a speculation. Scientists could not ignore the many spontaneous human combustion evidence accumulated over time.
What is spontaneous human combustion?

Spontaneous human combustion has a number of characteristics that distinguishes it from any other fuel:
Burning has ever occurred without trigger (in theory lamp, an ignition source is always present in the vicinity of the victim);
Body subject to spontaneous combustion has usually more severe burns, burns are not distributed evenly on the body, extremities can be maintained while the trunk is often completely pulverized bones are turned to ashes;
80% of cases of spontaneous combustion that victims are women, most of which are either overweight or alcoholic. Death occurs usually after the victim has consumed alcohol;
Burning is located in the body. Surrounding objects, and often remain untouched by the fire victim clothing;
The floor around the corpse remains, in most cases, covered by a viscous liquid, yellow, oily and smelling;
All cases occurred indoors. The victim is always alone for long periods. Witnesses nearby never hear the sounds, screams of pain and cries for help.

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