Richest People of The Middle East

An exclusive glimpse into the extraordinary lives of four men who have made millions by making their mark across the Middle East region.

Meet Abu Dhabi’s Sheikh Hamad Al Nahyan, who has one of the most unique car collections in the world.

He’s spent over 20 million euros building a huge collection featuring every conceivable vehicle and then proceeded to build a pyramid in the desert to garage all 200 of them.

But his passion for engines doesn’t stop there and he has designed and built everything from a full sized Noah’s Ark to a fleet of amphibious vehicles.

Dubai’s Sheikh Maktoum Hasher Maktoum al Maktoum wants to change the face of motor sport forever.

As a prominent member of the ruling family of Dubai he has used his influence and money to set up the new A1 Grand Prix as a rival to the F1 circuit.

He has pumped in a substantial amount of his own money into the estimated 320 million euro start-up costs, not to mention prize money of 55 million euros earmarked for the first three seasons.

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