Since the world of professional video gaming is generally dominated by teenagers and young adults, one would think that the industry is nothing but fun and exciting. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case, especially when it comes to the professional gamers themselves.
This new documentary out now titled ‘FRAG’ chronicles the growth of the professional gaming scene, from the heyday of arcade gaming in the 80’s, to the pro-circuit boom that took place over the last decade. The documentary is an excellent film for those wondering how the industry really works, and if it’s really all fun and games as portrayed by the media.

FRAG also touches on the struggles of aspiring cyber-athletes as they face the challenges of breaking into the pro gaming industry while dealing with the pressures of family, school and life in general. Since pro gaming is an industry geared towards a younger market, it’s easy for us to forget that most of the people in the gaming circuit are still kids—kids who sometimes have to make adult decisions on their own to achieve success.
And then of course there’s the lifestyle brought about by money and fame. FRAG goes deeper into the pro gaming world, interviewing prominent pro gamers and getting a firsthand account on the problem of corruption, greed and drugs—an issue that plagues pro gaming just like any other sports industry.

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