The Game The documentary

The Documentary is a look into The Game's life growing up in Compton, California. You hear him speak on being a blood, and being taken into the streets and gangster lifestyle. His brother Big Fase Hunned also speaks on behalf of The Game's career and street rep.
I was hoping for a little more depth by asking Black WallStreet and some of Game's friends about his life and his street credibility. Also includes interviews with The Game's mother, Lil' Eazy and Billboard (R.I.P) Game also takes you inside of Billboard's funeral. Also includes promo shoot of Game & Dre for his album. I was also hoping to hear more on Game's take on hip-hop, his influences, getting into the rap game & being on Aftermath & G-Unit. Good to have if your a Game fan, if not don't worry bout it. It was okay, I was hoping he'd have more music videos. It worth buying if your a true Game fan. After Watching that documentary I was left with a feeling of amazement. The Game's life is thighed out i now know why I feel his lyrics. What he raps about is true.

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