Karadedeler olayi

Year: 1989 ... In a remote village, some strange creatures are patrolling around. After 5 pm, no one dares to go out. A young journalist comes to the village and stays for 10 days but nothing happens
. He gives the camera to a 14-year-old boy in the village and then he leaves. The plan was that if the boy sees something strange, he would record it for the journalist and send the tapes back to him. After a while the boy and 6 other people are found murdered, and the camera was still recording.... the news is broken. The journalist's initials are written in Arabic on the wall with blood. An army captain brought the journalist into the village for questioning. The next day the journalist is released and his belongings and all of his clothes are found in the closest forest behind the village. The journalist is missing. The captain who questioned the journalist resigned in 1990 due to mental health issues and in 2006 commits suicide with a bullet to his head. The Captains daughter found some photos, documentation and 3 video cassettes in her father's safe. She watches only 22 minutes of the images captured by the boy just before he dies. Only 22 minutes ... She can not dare to watch the rest of it. It takes her 2 years to recover from the shock. Then cursed cassettes are sold to a filmmaker...

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