Thailand is infamous for its widespread prostitution industry, with transsexuals synonymous with its red-light districts. And its home to more than 100,000 ladyboys (male-to-female transgender persons).

This intriguing documentary explores their world, meeting a British ex-pat who found love in Thailand, and following the journey of two Americans who have travelled to Bangkok for sex change surgery.

Twenty-four-year-old Tui has lived as a female since childhood, and is now planning to follow in her sister's footsteps and undergo a sex change operation. Cameras follow her into the theatre as she goes under the knife to fulfil her dream of becoming a woman in the truest sense.

Meanwhile, at the coastal resort of Pattaya, former British Rail manager Tim lives with his wife, Sally, who runs a beachside bar. "The best-looking women in Thailand, aren't," he says emphatically as he discusses his relationship with his transgender wife. Tim's family didn't know the truth about Sally until quite recently, but Tim's mother is now visiting the couple for the first time since she learned about Sally's past.

Back in Bangkok, Michelle and Jennifer have travelled to Thailand from Denver, Colorado, in order to have sex change operations. Sky Living follows them as they reflect on their lives up to this point - how their families and communities have reacted to the way they live, and how if they'd grown up in Thailand their stories would be very different.

Cameras also go inside the Miss Tiffany Universe beauty pageant, a contest solely for transsexuals that offers a life-changing prize and a launch pad into the world of celebrity.

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