One Under

'One under' is the term Tube drivers and emergency services often use as shorthand for a person under their train.

Lucy Bennett's First Cut film considers the impact of suicide on the underground.

For many commuters their experience of a 'one under' is minimal and from a distance, connected only to the station or their journey. However, for those with direct experience of it, this crucial moment can have a huge impact on their lives.

In this First Cut film, drivers give first-hand accounts of their experiences with suicide, in poignant and moving interviews, describing the initial shock through to the permanent marks these tragic events can leave.

Liaison and British Transport Police Officers also paint a picture of the process of telling a next of kin, such as Debbie Wickens. Debbie had been married to her husband John for 11 years when one morning she received a text message. This message would be the last she ever heard from him, as that morning John took his own life.

Debbie reveals her painful journey towards recovery, giving intimate insight into how she now makes sense of the events leading up to and after her husband's death.

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