Psychic kids- Season 2

PSYCHIC KIDS: CHILDREN OF THE PARANORMAL, profiles children who live with an incredible secret: they have psychic abilities. Feeling scared and isolated, these kids have nowhere to turn...until now. Help is on the way in the form of psychic/mediums Chip Coffey, Chris Fleming and Kim Russo, who themselves grew up with these senses, and licensed psychotherapist Edy Nathan, who has more than 20 years experience.

Episode guide -

Episode 1
The teens in this episode use their abilities to work a missing persons case with a private investigator.

Family Secrets
Episode 2
A mother and daughter pair of psychics teams up with teenage psychic sisters. The two teams set out to unravel the girl ghost haunting an inn from the revolutionary war.

Ghost School
Episode 3
Two teenage boys are invited to investigate a old haunted opera house. The boys are struggling to be accepted by their fathers, who doubt in the psychic abilities.

Crossing Over
Episode 4
The pre-teens profiled in this episode learn new things about their gifts. The girls also sit down with a woman to try to contact her father that has passed on.

Demon in the Mirror
Episode 5
Two teenaged girls face the "lady in the mirror" in this episode. What else will they discover on their journey.

Haunted Attic
Episode 6
A psychic teenaged girl meets an empathic young man with a little sister who also sees ghosts. The three explore a haunted whaling ship to try to face their fears about their gifts and the spirits they have brought into their lives.

Terror in the Night
Episode 7
Two teenage girls are terrorized by nightmares that come true. The girls believe they might be alone in their gift, they are desperate to know they are not the only ones.

Spirits Among Us
Episode 8
These two young girls feel like social outcasts because of their ability to see spirits. Together they learn they can overcome their fears.

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