Unlimited Girls

"Of course, girls should progress -as long as they do it within limits. But when they become..un-limited, then something bad is bound to happen..." So, still want to be a feminist? That's the question Fearless is asked and in turn asks others in the film Unlimited Girls. Starting accidentally in a chatroom, she embarks on a journey where she encounters diverse characters - feminists who remember the songs and actions of the Indian women's movement, yuppies who discuss their modern marriage, a policeman writing films for "women's upliftment", women shopping at a bra sale, college kids practicing a dance, teachers who feel girls must not take injustice - or break a home; a woman cab driver, a priest, academics, activists, and unseen but much-heard women like Atilla_the_Nun, ChamkiGirl and Devi_is_a_Diva, in a feminist chatroom - all talking of their engagements with feminism and its place in their lives today. Using a personally reflective tone and playfully eclectic form, mixing non-fiction and fiction, the film follows Fearless' conversations: about why women must always lead double lives, being feminist but not saying they are.

How do we remain politically engaged as individuals who will not join groups? If feminism changes the way we live, then do we change the meaning of feminism as we live it? And then how do we separate true feminists from false ones? Will X-ray vision work better, or female intuition - or is there a common set of principles in this multiply interpreted philosophy? How do we make sense of love and anger, doubt and confusion, the personal and the political, in this enterprise of pushing the boundaries, of being un-limited - the enterprise we call feminism

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