Unsung - The Fat Boys

The Fat Boys made being overweight Lotharios cool before Biggie and Heavy D. The trio combined weighed about 750 lbs but they didn’t let it stop them from touring, and creating hit records. Comprised of Prince Markie Dee, Buff the Human Beatbox and Kool Rock, the original hip-hop heavyweights achieved iconic pop culture status thanks to their feel good anthems and memorable appearances in movies like Disorderlies and Krush Groove.

However, like a lot of young artists, they experienced turbulent patches in their careers. The trio eventually downsized when Prince Markie Dee had a dispute with management and went solo. The remaining Fat Boys as a duo just didn’t cut it when it came to record sales and eventually, health issues caught up to Buff, who passed away in 1995.
Nowadays, Prince Markie Dee is doing a radio show on Miami’s 99 Jamz while a slimmed down, much healthier Kool Rock is pursuing his personal training license. But they haven’t given up the music and want to school you on their legacy. The group was last seen performing with Jay-Z this past summer for the first time in about a decade and on October 18th TV One is premiering their first hip hop episode of their docu-series, Unsung highlighting The Fat Boys story.

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