The Fabulous Life Of Filthy Rich Billionaires

Think no one lives larger than uber-fab celebs like J.Lo, Tom Cruise and Paris Hilton? Guess again. Sure they've got tons of fame but their fortunes are small potatoes compared to these folks - billionaires. In a world with a population of 6.5 billion, only 600 have enough cash to be in this show . . .It's the Fabulous Life of Filthy Rich Billionaires. In the next hour we're taking you inside the world of the richest people on the planet. They've got the world's most amazing homes, the most expensive cars, the most massive yachts, and lifestyles that you will not believe.

Take Russian oil magnate Roman Abramovich. This former orphan now has a fortune worth 13.3 billion and the possessions to prove it. Of course there are his seven homes, two helicopters, and two private jets. But his favorite toys? It's got to be his mega-yacht collection-- he owns not one, not two, but four luxury liners worth a total estimated 300 million dollars. The crown jewel "Pelorus" is said to be the largest in the Mediterranean, boasting 2 helicopter pads and an onboard missile-detection system. And Roman makes sure he gets good use out of all his ships-- often in a single day-- enjoying breakfast on one, lunch on another and dinner on yet another.

Then there's steel baron Lakshmi Mittal. He's worth 25 billion dollars, and you better believe that makes him a generous dad. In 2004 he treated daughter Vanisha to a $60 Million dollar wedding at the famed French palace of Versailles. Next there's the world's richest super-nerd Bill Gates whose fortune adds up to an astounding 46.5 Billion dollars. He may have made his money in software, but his favorite investment has got to be high-end art. His collection boasts a 36 Million dollar painting and 30.8 million dollar Leonardo Da Vinci manuscript.

And maybe you've heard of a little website called Well the two young thirty-somethings that started it, Sergey Brin and Larry Page, are now worth $7.2 billion each and finding plenty of ways to enjoy their fortune. Try their $60 million dollar customized Boeing 767 complete with their own customized showers, dining rooms and bedrooms.

We'll also take you inside the lives of the billionaires-to-be like Greek shipping heirs Paris Lastis and Stavros Niarchos. And you better believe they've got more in common than romancing Paris Hilton. They're both under twenty-one and have billion dollar family fortunes at their disposal. And of course we won't forget the world's most well known moguls-- from Paul Allen to Donald Trump to Oprah Winfrey and Martha Stewart, we'll take you inside their lavish lifestyles and show you how they keep the billions pouring in.

Weaving expert interviews, field segments and candid footage, this show will give viewers a rare glimpse into the lives of the very fortunate few - the billionaires! This is The Fabulous Life of Filthy Rich Billionaires.

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