Ancient Ink - Blood and Tattoos

Craig Reynolds visit different tattoo shops of various artists around the globe to examine traditional methods, design, ideas, and the art of tattooing. This documentary from History Channel entitled, Ancient Ink: Blood and Tattoos also discuss about the history of one of the oldest human artworks. Craig discovers about the different techniques as well as traditions of tattoo along with applying these ancient art on his own flesh. Then he travel from the Maori located in New Zealand to the island of Hawaii, then to the mysterious yakuzas in Japan then to the well-guarded prison camp of Phoenix, Arizona, then finally, to the art gallery of North Carolina.

Tattoos are very old ritual practiced all over the world. Every culture have their own reasons why they administer them. Several tattoos serve as protection, amulets, rites of passage, pledges of love, marks of rank, punishment, symbols of spiritual commitment, designs for bravery, and as the marks of slaves and prisoners. The symbolism as well as influence of tattoos differs in various cultures. Tattoos might represent how an individual feels regarding a family member, a beloved friend or idol.

Nowadays, people decide to get inked for aesthetic, memorial of a love one and religious reasons, and also to signify their belonging to a specific clubs or cummunity, which includes criminal gangs but as well as law-abiding subculture community. Tattoo design vary from different artists. Some may look crazy, some ugly and some definitely a masterpiece. Craig Reynolds travels to various location such as New York, New Zealand, Los Angeles, Japan, and Hawaii to experience directly what it feels like being tattooed through the traditional way. This documentary bring in a great starting threads for anybody desiring to dug deeper on the historical past of body painting.
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